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Here are 5 top interview answers to questions about your current job and employer.

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Top Interview Answers To Questions About Your Company/Job

  • What do you think of your current boss?

If your current boss is great, say so, listing why. Focus on the good things he/she does which help you work better, not on his/her good jokes! You might say:

"My current boss is great. He sets the team challenging but realistic targets and motivates us to achieve them..."


"My current boss is very good. She deals with her team firmly but fairly and enjoys our respect because of this..."

If your current boss is not great, and you are prepared to answer more interview questions about this, say so, but do balance each criticism with a positive point. Remember the need to appear positive in your answers to interview questions. You might say:

"My current boss has strengths and weaknesses. He is very good at listening to people but sometimes, in my view, doesn't deal with underperformers firmly enough. This affects team morale sometimes..."

  • What will you miss about your present job?

People is the best interview answer here. Say anything else and you're suggesting the job you're applying for won't give you everything you had and more, and might even leave you wanting!

As you think about answers to interview questions, always have in mind the need to create a positive impression.

So you might say:

"Well I'm confident that the job you're offering will give me everything I have now and more so I don't think I'll miss anything about the job itself. But I'll miss some of the people of course..."

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