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7 Typical Job Interview Questions And Answers

No matter the type or size of organization, they all have one thing in common: This is the set of typical job interview questions management ask each candidate at interview.

Sure, a business will always ask particular questions relevant to the job they're advertising or the industry they're in, but there are common job interview questions which you can prepare for.

Here are 7 of them:

Typical Job Interview Questions

  • Tell us about yourself

Often an opening question, this gets you to introduce yourself in your own words.

Say a little about your personal life but focus your answer on your experience, skills, achievements and attitude.

Before you go to your job interview, be sure to learn about the job thoroughly and then subtly talk about yourself so that the interviewers can begin to see that you're a match for their particular job.

  • What are your strengths?

To give a good answer here you simply have to demonstrate how well you match the job role -- that you are exactly what the interviewers are after. So do your homework and find out what strengths the interviewers are looking for. Then simply describe your strengths which match these. Strengths can comprise your skills, experience or personal attributes, or any combination of these.

  • What are your weaknesses?

This is a common job interview question and despite what you're told you should be honest and describe genuine weaknesses.

However, do go on to mention how you have been able to overcome any weaknesses in order to effectively improve your performance. If the interviewer picks up on your withholding any information you will lose credibility and maybe even a shot at the job.

  • What's wrong with your current employer or job?

Although this can be an awkward job interview question you will need to keep your composure. Don't speak about hostile working conditions or lower pay rates or co-worker disagreements. Rather, you should focus on what the new employer can offer. Tell the interviewer that you wish to develop your career by taking on more responsibility for example.

  • Where do you want to be x years from now?

This can be a tricky job interview question to answer, especially if you've not thought beyond getting this job!

With your answer, you want to sound ambitious enough to be motivated to do a great job, but not so ambitious that your interviewers think you're using this opportunity only as a stepping stone to something bigger.

A good interview answer might me that you expect to have been successful in this job, taken on more responsibilities and even be considered suitable for promotion.

  • Why us? What is it about us that makes you want to work here?

Your reply to this job interview question must demonstrate your knowledge about the company, its heritage, its mission and vision and how it reconciles with yours. Research the company well beforehand and you will be able to answer this type of job interview question with confidence.

  • Do you have anything to ask?

If you have no questions, your interviewers will assume you are not sufficiently interested in the position so do think of at least one. But make sure they are intelligent questions. Ask more about the job requirements and the businesses nature. Ask about training, performance appraisal, development opportunities and so forth.

Do You Have More Typical Job Interview Questions?

They were 7 of the typical job interview questions employers ask at interview.

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