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Using Employment Agencies To Find Jobs

A moment ago we introduced employment agencies as a job hunting tool.

Here we explain the advantages and disadvantages of using employment agencies to find work.

The Advantages Of Using Employment Agencies

Here are the main benefits of using recruitment agencies:

  • With recruitment costs rising, the number of employers using recruitment agencies continues to grow. This means that agencies have access to an increasing number of jobs which you wouldn't normally hear about.
  • The agency does the leg-work for you. Once they have your CV or resume, they find suitable openings, sell your skills to employers, set up job interviews and agree the scope of work. They can even negotiate the salary on your behalf if you ask them too. As they sometimes receive a percentage of your salary as a fee, this can work to your advantage.
  • Most recruitment agencies enjoy long and solid business relationships with key clients. This can help you win an opening in a company, especially if that company has already turned you down directly before.

The Disadvantages Of Using Employment Agencies

  • Sometimes job agencies can focus more on the company's needs than yours. After all, they are in this business to make money from filling jobs, and because that money comes from employers, you may not always been their first concern.
  • In some situations this may mean that the job agency is more interested in customers who they can place in jobs easily and quickly.
  • It follows that if you don't have much experience, or few skills and qualifications compared to others, others might get more attention. In this case you will have to do the chasing but don't call every day as this may work against you!

Any Tips On Using Employment Agencies?

Are There Other Ways To Find Work?

Yes. There is one job search method not often used but very good - Networking. Read about Networking as a job search tool here.

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