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Weaknesses In Job Interviews
How Do I Answer?

In our introduction to job interview strength and weakness questions we promised you some example answers to questions about weaknesses in job interviews.

Read through the examples we give and relate them to the job for which you're applying.

Weaknesses In Job Interviews

When you are asked to describe your weaknesses, tell the interviewers about something you've perceived as a weakness but have now overcome or something which you find more difficult than others to do but can manage by some means or another.

And be sure it's not something really important in the job!

Here are some good answers to interview questions about weaknesses:

  • For a job where organization is important but not central to the role:

"I would prefer to be more naturally organized like one of my colleagues who remembers everything and never writes anything down. But although my memory's not quite as good as hers I keep on top of things by using a to-do list and diary so I know where I am with my work".

  • For a job where working in teams is important:

"I prefer working in teams to working by myself. Although I'm able to stay motivated and complete tasks, I prefer the sharing of achievements, ideas and decisions which happens in teams. A few of my colleagues work better by themselves and this is something I'm working on".

It's interesting how, with a little thought, you can give your 'weakness' a positive spin.

In the second interview answer above, you're showing your interviewers that you work well in a team, which most organizations look for.

Suddenly the focus shifts from your weaknesses to your strengths!

And finally, never identify a personality trait or emotional state as a weakness, only your skills, knowledge, experience or preferences. Don't say you get bored, stressed, demotivated, depressed etc. Candidates have used these terms to describe their weaknesses to us in interviews and it comes across badly.

Although employers might accept shortcomings in skills or knowledge or experience, few of us want to take on an employee with emotional issues!

What About 'Strength' Interview Questions?

Here are some example job interview strengths answers

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