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What Do You Do At A Job Interview?

A job interview is an essential part of any job hunting experience. If you really want the job, the interview should be the perfect start. Below are some simple rules which will guide you in what you should do at a job interview.

What Do You Do At A Job Interview?

Be on time.

Before the interview, you should try going to the interview venue so you will not get lost on the actual day. And on the actual day of the interview, make sure that you allot plenty of time for traveling. Expect unforeseen delays. If you can, you should be at the venue at least ten minutes before the actual interview period. This shows that you are very interested in the position and in the company as well. It also shows that you are professional and that you are capable of performing your duties in a prompt manner. Candidates who come in late for interview will leave a negative impression on the interviewer.

Dress appropriately.

Before the day of the interview, determine what you should wear for the meeting. Your attire should be in line with your career. When choosing what to wear, make sure that you exhibit conservatism and professionalism. Never dress extravagantly or casually. What you wear usually affects how the interviewer will assess your character. Your attire will show how serious you are about the job that you are applying for.

Be courteous to the interviewer.

You will be evaluated the moment the interviewer sees you so make sure that you give the perfect first impression. Address the interviewer with courtesy. Before he or she starts bombarding you with questions, greet him and introduce yourself. Never sit down until he tells you to. During the interview process, let him finish his questions before you answer. At the end of the process, thank him for the opportunity that he has given you and shake hands firmly.

Exhibit your competency.

Be confident. Maintain good eye contact with your interviewer during the entire process. Avoid long pauses and filler words like 'uhh' and 'ummm'. Sit straight and be calm. When you answer the interview questions, be forceful and persuasive. Show your conviction when talking about your good qualities and notable experiences. When faced with decisive questions, do not be soft spoken.

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