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Where To Find Jobs,
Including The 80% Others Miss!

On the first page of our Job Search Guide we talked about having a Job Search Strategy and gave hints on getting organized.

Here we cover where to find jobs, including some places you may not have thought of!

Where To Find Jobs

There are many ways to find work. The most common involve approaching companies in response to advertised vacancies and most jobseekers only use this method. But they only see about 20% of vacancies. Use other methods and you'll see 100%!

Here's our list of where to find jobs. Some sources are obvious and we only mention these to remind you. Others are less obvious and we'll tell you more about these.

  • Newspaper Publications
    You'll find job advertisements in local, national and free newspapers, and even in some specialist magazines and professional journals. Take your time to read job ads properly so you understand the true nature of the role -- job titles can be misleading!
    If you're considering speculative approaches, newspapers can help since they're often a good source of general information about companies. You may learn about company development and proposals which will help you identify possible new jobs and also gain you brownie points at interview.
  • Online
    The information super highway goes hand-in-hand with job hunting. You have so much information available to you at your fingertips. As well as finding jobs through online agencies, you can search company websites and look up company background information. You can even search newspapers online. And if you're not online at home you can go to internet cafes or your local library.
  • Head Hunters and Employment Agencies
    There are many good employment agencies out there that can help you find a suitable job. You may also find yourself head-hunted, depending on your qualifications and achievements.
    Learn more about job hunting using employment agencies here.
    And if you download this Guide you'll learn the 9 Secrets To Job Agency Success too.
Where to find jobs
  • Directories
    Look in the yellow pages as well as in trade and local business directories for where to find jobs. Directories will help you identify employers near you in the fields which interest you and may have contact information or details of further publications or websites. If you don't have these, visit your local library -- they will.
  • Trade Fairs and Exhibitions
    Keep your eyes open for trade fairs or exhibitions in your preferred job market. Usually newspapers will announce these. You'll be able to meet representatives of companies which interest you and perhaps make some lucrative personal contacts.
  • Job Fairs
    Job fairs aren't the first place people consider when thinking about where to find jobs but an SHRM/Career Journal Survey reported that more than 70% of human resources departments use job or career fairs to recruit employees, so it's worth a look.
    There's more on job fairs later and you'll learn 7 Job Fair Tips if you download this Job Guide instead.
  • Job Centers
    An obvious source for learning about vacancies but also great places to go for advice and support as you search for work.
  • Local Radio
    Tune into your local station on your ride to work for where to find jobs. Many local and national employers recognize that this to be a great way to reach potential applicants and the drive to and from work are the most popular slots.
  • Local Chamber of Commerce/Business
    This is a good place to visit when looking for local company information because people at these places are always eager to help people looking for work and often know where to find jobs. Many also have useful contacts which you may be able to exploit to your advantage.
  • Networking
    Networking is about making personal contacts which can either reveal immediate vacancies or lead to later opportunities. It can be a great source of some good jobs so we have more advice on networking as a job search tool later. And in our downloadable version we'll give you an example networking letter to use too.
  • Approaching companies directly
    This is using the speculative approach to find jobs and involves writing to, visiting or telephoning employers direct about possible vacancies.
Where To Find Jobs

There's more on job searching speculatively here and there's an example speculative letter in our downloadable Guide.

Where To Find Jobs

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