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Customer Service – One Of The 
Fastest Growing Work At Home Jobs

So you've heard of big, multinational companies routing their customer calls through call centres in other countries?

Well the current trend seems to be towards home-based customer service providers and this is leading to customer service being one of the fastest growing work at home jobs at the moment.

It basically means you may now work from home as a customer service operator for a company, choose your work timings and make the bucks to show for it!

Why Is Customer Service A Good Work At Home Job?

Perhaps you've just had a baby and are worrying about not being able to get back to your day job or just wondering how you'll pay for the extra bills without having any way of making money from home.

Work-from-home customer service operators are in high demand as it's a mutually beneficial opportunity – the companies pay per call as opposed to paying full-time employees during slack times and the flexible timings work very well for those with kids or other responsibilities.

How Do I Start?

Before you start submitting your resume or CV to all those work from home customer service openings, it may be a good idea to consider the investment involved in such a job. Also, with the huge number of work from home customer service jobs out there, it helps to be prudent and look up the company you plan on joining.

Always be suspicious of those that ask for money up front and make sure you do a thorough check of the company's credentials and get feedback from other employees if possible, before signing papers.

Is Customer Service the Right Work At Home Job For Me?
- The Pros and Cons -

Consider your circumstances: Most companies looking for virtual customer service operatives expect sound-proof rooms. They won't tolerate your toddler crying when you're in the middle of a client call or company conference call. So if you have problems such as barking dogs and crying toddlers, a customer service work from home job may not be for you.

You'll also need a dedicated phone, a high-speed internet connection and a good level of patience.

Bear in mind that customer service can be a little tedious and even stressful at times. For example:

  • If it's sales you're handling, people are not always going to be nice when you've disturbed them during an afternoon nap or a meeting
  • If it's technical support you're offering, it can get rather dry and difficult. Many people who call often have no clue about the basics of a computer and may even yell at you for not doing your job well

So while customer service is an excellent work from home job for some people, you must first ensure that you're cut out for the job and are not likely to throw your hands up in frustration or cry weakly for help!

With that said, customer service from home can be hugely rewarding for those who have a knack for customer relationships and the patience to chug along during the difficult times. The timings are flexible and the package, attractive.

What's more, you get to enjoy a day job salary right from the comfort of your home-office. Now, isn't that worth the grouchy customers?

What Are The Alternative Work At Home Jobs?

If remote customer service isn't for you, here are some alternative work at home jobs which might interest you.

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