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If you've got years of experience in a particular field and would like to keep yourself busy after retirement or make an extra income online to add to your pension plan, here's the perfect work from home business idea for you – become an online consultant!

Maybe you don't have years of experience, but you have in-depth knowledge in your area of interest? Still, you can become an online consultant and make money online by providing clients with your valuable insights, feedback and solutions.

What Does Online Consulting Involve?

Online consulting can be in anything from broad areas such as education, finance, training, SEO and marketing to specific sub areas such as pottery, gardening, aquarium maintenance, dog training etc.

Given the nature of the job, online consulting usually means you get to make more money than if you were proofreading or doing data entry for example. The challenge though, is in establishing yourself as an expert in your line of interest.

So if you've got years of experience in finance, for example, you must make sure you highlight those areas in your resume, CV or other submission and post it on various job portals. You may also apply for jobs where people have requested a consultant in your area of expertise.

If you've managed to form lasting business relationships over the years, it may help to get your customers to put in a good word for you. This increases your credibility and assures your prospective clients that you've got what it takes for the job of online consultant. Making money online as an online consultant is actually quite easy, provided you get the initial steps right.

Where Do I Start?

This kind of work from home business idea thrives on relationships, so you'll have to establish a great working rapport with your client – the idea is to get your clients to trust you and this usually works best when you actually are trustworthy.

  • Make sure you don't overpromise initially – there's nothing worse for an online consultant than not being able to deliver what he/she has promised.
  • Instead, begin slow and easy. Allow your client to talk, while you listen, observe and ask questions. As an online consultant, your primary job is to ensure that your client feels heard. So hear him out. Don't be over-enthusiastic and make suggestions and recommendations right away.
  • Once presented with a challenge, ask for time. Think thoroughly about the problem presented and come up with creative ways to solve it. Think of all the loopholes and make sure they're covered before presenting your ideas to your client.

Many online consultants lose their credibility and reputation because they over-promise and fail to deliver. Make sure that you keep your clients' expectations realistic. Do not offer the sun or the moon. In fact, it may be a wise idea to under-promise. And then when you exceed expectations, your client will be hooked forever and you would have succeeded as an online consultant.

What's more, your client will be happy to provide positive feedback about your skills as an online consultant and even recommend you to more people. Once you've got at least a handful of clients who are happy with you, you know you've succeeded as an online consultant and could very well sit back and make money online with this wonderful work from home business idea!

Are There Other Work From Home Business Ideas?

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