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A Work From Home Business As A Software Programmer

Q. Are you a junior software programmer with a day job that doesn't pay quite enough? 

Q. Or are you a seasoned programmer who's tired of your dead-end job and would like to do some travelling, but looking for a way to make money online while you do?


Well you couldn't be living in better times! Today, there's a big need for talented professionals in various fields across the world and if you think you fit the bill and have a high-speed internet connection to go with it, this work from home business idea could be just the ticket!

Whether your talent lies in building websites from scratch, designing gaming software or you're skilled at Java, Flash, C or C++, there's a work from home opportunity that's tailor made to your specific software programming skill set!

How Do I Begin This Work From Home Business?

You may begin by posting your profile on freelance sites such as Elance.com, Guru.com, scriptlance.com or even software programming-specific sites such as rentacoder.com and spend some time going through their exhaustive list of projects online. Once you've picked a few that you like, start bidding on them.

Initially, getting projects may not be easy, as there will be several bidders for every project. But if you make an effort with your proposal, bid on a lot of projects every day for at least 3 months, you will start reaping the fruits – making good money online from the comfort of your home or tent in the wilderness!

What Kind of Jobs Are There?

For those who are interested in the more edgy work from home business ideas, here's one - how about becoming an iPhone developer? All you have to do is visit developer.apple.com and pay the initial amount of $99. But that’s all it takes. Apple then provides you with all the tools necessary for developing, debugging and distributing your applications at their store.

You may develop any kind of application, maybe an application for a game and put it up at the store for any price you think right. Whenever someone buys your app, the money automatically gets credited to your account. Think about it – if this goes well and your app happens to be one of the highest selling ones, you won't just be making some money online with your software programming skills, you may be making thousands!

So think about it. We no longer live in a day where software programming skills belong within the four walls of a corporate setup. We live in a technology-crazy Google era and this is a great opportunity for you to play with your software programming skills and earn more money online than you could have in a 9-5 job!

What About Other Work From Home Ideas?

If software programming as a work from home business isn't for you here are 21 more work from home ideas which you might like to consider. 

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