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Work From Home Data Entry Jobs

Working from home and generating an income while babysitting your one year old or caring for an elderly relative couldn't be simpler.

If you think you're not qualified to do anything, think again. And if you're too mentally exhausted to take up a job that requires you to think much at all, it's time you said hello to word processing and work from home data entry jobs.

Not only are these jobs extremely simple for anyone who uses a computer on a regular basis, they aren't even hard to learn for those who have only been acquainted with a computer for a month.

Just a short step away from what some might call a 'brain dead job', data entry word processing jobs are one of the best ways to earn money at home without exhausting your think tank.

What's involved in work from home data entry?

Word processing is one of the most important parts of data entry and may involve anything from aligning margins, correcting typos, ensuring paragraph splits for an author's manuscript to all kinds of formatting and sorting for news portals and other websites. Whether it's a website, an ebook, legal documents or a scientific journal, word processing is an essential part of the process. Often, schools and other educational institutions and many corporate set-ups hire people to take care of their data entry word processing requirements.

Sometimes, the data entry part of the job may involve cutting and pasting parts of articles from one website to another, adding tags and links in the right places on blogs, making titles stand out, taking care of alignment issues, paragraph breaks, margins, highlights and every type of formatting involved in ensuring that a particular piece of content is up and ready for viewing.

Most companies use Microsoft Word or Excel – both of which would be familiar to anyone using a computer on a regular basis and can also be easily learned and mastered by people who have little experience in computers.

The great plus of this work at home job is that it needs no experience. 

What can I expect to earn from work from home data entry?

While it may bore you to tears at times, data entry word processing jobs will help you pay your bills and you can typically earn about $30-$50 an hour. So making more money from work from home data entry depends almost entirely on your ability to work fast. If you can organize your day and allot a reasonable amount of time to data entry word processing, you may even make as much as $300 per day by sitting at your desk without using too much of your brain.

So even if you're not qualified to be a customer care executive and don't have a natural flair for writing, data entry word processing jobs are always available to help you make money online and are one of the most popular work at home job opportunities.

Where can I find data entry word processing jobs?

Many people who work from home online choose to sign up with Elance.com because it provides a constant stream of work, is well managed and protects your earnings. There are others. Just be careful to avoid schemes which look too good to be true.

Are there alternative work at home jobs?

Yes. If work from home data entry word processing jobs aren't for you, here are some alternative work at home jobs which might interest you.

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