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Work From Home Opportunities with Translation

If you're looking for ways to make an extra income online or quit your day job so you can spend more time with your toddler, there are plenty of work from home opportunities available today.

However, many of these jobs don't pay as well as some other jobs for which businesses struggle to find talent. Translation is one such job and businesses are constantly on the lookout for good online translators.

So if you are fluent in English as well as one or more other languages, this may be the way you can quit your full-time job and set up your translation business from home.

Why Translation As A Work From Home Opportunity?

Though English was the accepted language of the web for a long time, businesses are realizing the need to have their voices heard in the language of their target audience.

And since most companies are not well-versed in more than one language, the need for translators is high. What's more, companies will cough up high amounts of money for the right candidate, so if you know you can translate work from English to another language and vice versa, this may be an ideal work from home opportunity for you!

Most companies looking for translators need entire websites translated to another language. Languages in demand are Spanish, German, Cantonese and most European languages. So if you're well-versed in any of those languages apart from English, you may want to make sure that your profile is posted on all online directories and job portals to ensure that companies find you and direct their translation requirements to you.

Where Do I Find Translation Jobs?

Elance.com is a great site for translation opportunities and thousands of jobs are posted everyday for this type of work. And while bidding on Elance can be a little tedious to begin with, translation is not the kind of job where you will face too much good competition.

Once you create a name for yourself and build a good reputation, clients will find you!

How Do I Start?

So if you can convince your clients about your proficiency in both English as well as another language, it's time to get started.

Take some time to draft a convincing proposal – probably along with a translation sample so people can judge for themselves. Do well on your first few assignments and pretty soon your inbox will be full with translation assignments that will allow you to make good money online and sustain your work from home translation business.

Over time, you may also want to consider offering bilingual copywriting services for upcoming websites while continuing your translation business. It's one of the up-and-coming work from home openings which allows you to devote your time to your family or other commitments while still earning a good income!

Are There Other Legitimate Work From Home Ideas?

Yes. If translating isn't the work from home job for you here are 21 more work at home business ideas which might interest you.

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