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21 of the Most Popular Work From Home Ideas

In response to demand, I added this section for visitors who want to work from home permanently, out-of-work visitors looking for a way to earn an income while looking for a 'regular' job and visitors wanting to supplement their income. There's something for everyone.

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Why Work From Home?

If you thought the ability to work at home was restricted to people with knowledge and experience in specialized fields, you couldn't be more wrong. Thanks to the digital age we live in, almost everything is accessible to everyone who has the time and the willingness to make an effort.

Whether you're a retired professional looking for ways to add to your pension, a stay-at-home mom who doesn't want to lose touch with her job, a recently laid-off worker needing to earn an income or a college student looking to make extra money online to afford a holiday, there are a plethora of online jobs to choose from.

And no, you don't have to be a rocket scientist or an online psychic to work from home – there are plenty of online jobs available, even for those who have just learned how to use a computer!

What Are My Work From Home Options?

There are literally thousands of work from home opportunities available these days. Here are 21 of the most popular. Click on the links to read more about each one:

Site Build It!

1.If you're looking for a sustainable, profitable, challenging, fun, home based business you can call your own, Site Build It! is my No. 1 recommendation. This is what I used to build my own work from home business.

You can read my story here or learn more about what Site Build It! offers as a home business idea here.


2. If you want to work from home earning a steady, decent income online but want to be able to work when it suits you, Elance.com is probably the best place for you to visit. With over a thousand new jobs posted every day from proofreading to writing articles to translation to data entry, Elance has something for everyone. Many providers earn a lot of money online through Elance.

Online Paid Surveys

3. Participating in online paid surveys is another easy way to work from home and make money online by simply answering questions. You can answer as many or as few surveys as you want, earn a little or a fair income, though you won't get rich. It can be fun too - a paid hobby of sorts!

Forex Trading

4. There is also forex trading which can pay quite a bit of money and doesn't have to involve much work your end. In fact, you don't have to know anything about foreign exchange trading at all. Some people just install auto-pilot software and allow it to do the work for them!


5. Blogging is a well established way to earn money online and is great if you have a passion for a subject and enjoy sharing this with others. Good bloggers can become quite famous as you know, either in their niche subject or globally!


6. Making money online writing articles and website content is a great work from home opportunity for those who love writing and even for those who can only so much as string words together. It's quite a varied job which may suit you if you enjoy researching and writing.

Affiliate Marketing

7. Affiliate marketing works well if you already have a popular website or blog in place that gets visitors. If not, you could set up one on a niche subject, wait for it to get popular and then start making money online by way of ads. Some affiliate marketers simply post articles on free websites and sell other people's products and services this way. There are many options. Click on the link to learn more about this work from home option.

Data Entry/Word Processing

8. Work at home data entry and word processing jobs are perfect for those who prefer simple jobs that don't require specialized skills and use little brain power. They are also a great place to start if you want to build your skills and gain credibility as a online worker before expanding your horizons.

Virtual Assistant

9. If you're good at organizing people and activities you can make money at home as a Virtual Assistant just by carrying out simple administrative tasks and getting paid for them, exactly as you would in an office, except from the comfort of your own home and often at your convenience.

Online Customer Service

10. If you enjoy dealing with customers online customer service might be the work at home job for you. It basically means working from home as a customer service operator for a company, choosing your work timings and earning money for the calls you make or receive.


11. Working from home telemarketing may be for you if you're good at persuading people to make decisions and patience and perseverance are in your bag of virtues. It's not for everyone as it can be frustrating and stressful but can work if you have a little charm and persistence!


12. Proofreading is a great work at home idea if you have an eye for detail and good grammar, spelling and punctuation skills. Again, it's a good place to cut your teeth in the online working world, before moving onto other, more interesting challenges.


13. Transcription as a home based business involves listening to an audio file and typing out what you hear. It's really that simple. Click the link to find out more about this work from home business idea.

Software Programming

14. For those in specialized fields, there are plenty of opportunities to work from home of course. Whether you're a junior or seasoned programmer software programming works well as a work at home business and there are millions of people making good livings programming from home if you'd like to join them


15. If you're an experienced writer or just a beginner who has a knack for stringing words together offering copywriting services to clients provides a legitimate work from home business opportunity from the comfort of your own home. Again, it helps if you have a flair for writing but it's possible to acquire this skill with a little training.


16. If you're a stickler for precision and the master of bringing order to financial chaos, there just might be the perfect work at home employment waiting for you - bookkeeping. Click on the link to read more about bookkeeping and whether it suits you.

Web/Graphic Design

17. If you're a graphic designer looking to start a home based internet business or just someone interested in making some extra money online, you couldn't be in a better field. With thousands of new internet ventures starting everyday, you will never run out of work. Start small, do well and you could soon be earning a good income.


18. Many work from home jobs don't pay as well as some other jobs for which businesses struggle to find talent. Translation is one such job and businesses are constantly on the lookout for good online translators. Translation might be the work at home opportunity for you if you have good language skills.

Internet Research

19. There is also online research for those who are internet savvy and have a way of finding information quickly. If you're one of them internet research is a legitimate work at home job worth considering as a work from home job

Online Consultancy

20. If you have many years experience in a particular field and would like to keep yourself busy after retirement or make an extra income online to add to your pension plan here's the perfect work at home business idea for you – become an online consultant! If you prove yourself to be good, you'll gain new opportunities simply by repeat business and recommendations.

Email Marketing

21. Email marketing as a work from home job is for people who have a product or service to sell (or someone else's products/services to sell) but want to do it without investing in recruitment, training and infrastructure. Click the link to find out more.

What Are You Waiting For?

There are thousands upon thousands of online job opportunities for those interested in starting a home-based business - the hours are flexible, the skills required often minimal and the returns often high.

So if you've been chewing on the idea of quitting your day job to work from home, or want to supplement your income, you couldn't be living in a more opportune time!

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