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Working From Home Telemarketing

One of the first images that comes to mind when you say telemarketing is an annoying sales guy on the other end of the phone trying to get you to buy something. The truth is, there are thousands upon thousands of people earning good incomes working from home telemarketing and many others who choose to keep it as a lucrative hobby.

So if you think you're good at persuading people to make decisions, if patience and perseverance are in your bag of virtues, then telemarketing is something you might want to consider.

Sure, nobody wants to sign up for a job that involves getting yelled at first thing in the morning, but if you make an effort to do your home-work, take all the necessary precautions and do your best to focus on the positive aspects of the job, very soon you will start reaping the benefits – earning your money with telemarketing.

How Do I Start?

Before you sign up for a telemarketing job online, make sure you've done your home-work. Given the number of jobs available today online, it's hard to tell the real ones from the fake ones. So make sure you look up the company you're signing up for, check their credentials and try to get feedback on online forums.

And given the incredibly huge number of telemarketing jobs available, you might want to carefully pick one that suits your interests and experience.

For example, if you've been an insurance agent for a while and are currently opting for telemarketing in order to make money from home, selling insurance could be the best thing for you. And given your prior experience and knowledge in the area, the company will most likely pick you as well!

The same goes for any other areas of interest.

How Does Telemarketing From Home Work?

In a lot of cases, the company will provide you with an existing customer database for you to call and sell your products, while in other cases, you will be required to get your own leads.

This is one of the tricky parts in a telemarketing job, because you may need to find a good 'lead broker'. The leads they provide should not be in the DO NOT CALL registry. It is the duty of the firm or the broker to see to it that the leads are not in the registry. If you call someone in the registry, the fines are quite high, so it's best to be cautious from the start.

What To Expect Working From Home

Despite the words of caution, approaching your job with a positive attitude makes the difference.

Don't expect to make a sale till you touch 100 calls and give it at least a month before you decide to quit.

A telemarketing job working from home can be very rewarding for those who manage to survive the initial struggle. If done well, it can be an excellent way to make money from the comfort of your own home.

So grow a thick skin, shake off the negativity and make the first call.

Are There Other Ways Of Working From Home?

Yes. If telemarketing is not your thing here are some alternative work from home ideas which you might like to consider.

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