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Who Can Write A Resume For Me?
One That Wins Me Interviews!

We mentioned earlier in sample resumes that 82-94% of applicants get rejected at CV stage. To be in the top 6-18% and land an interview, your CV or resume needs to be good, real good.

And although there are hundreds of companies competing to write a resume or CV for you, choosing a good one can be hard.

Our advice is to go with a personal recommendation, ideally from someone whose CV or resume has WON them job interviews -- the proof is in the pudding after all!

Otherwise, read our reviews below and decide for yourself who's best to write a resume or CV for you.

Good Companies To Write A Resume For You

These are our current recommendations:


write a resume For the US/Canada jobs market we recommend: write a resume

They'll never know, unless it's on your resume. e-resume.net is a 1st class resume provider, chosen by the LA Times as "Best of the Bunch" among resume and CV writers on the Internet.

It has great reviews from its users and celebrates the fact that most of its new customers are referred by previous or existing clients.

Tens of thousands of jobseekers have landed their dream jobs and increased their earnings through using e-resume.net to write their CV or resume. See what they can do for you.

If you don't want to pay someone to write a CV or resume for you but still need help, check out these two suggestions:

how to write a resume The Amazing Resume Creator guarantees to increase your job interviews, simply and easily. It's great if you're short of time or have writer's block! In only 10 minutes, you can create a brilliant resume that is guaranteed to have your phone ringing with great job interviews offers... Without Having To Write One Word! Check it out.

sample cvFor the UK/Ireland jobs market we recommend:sample resume

The CV Centre is the UK's top CV Consultancy Firm and is recommended by The Guardian Newspaper.

Their CVs are skillfully written so that they deliver exactly what employers want, simply and succinctly. This is far better than a dull summary of your personal details and work experience which is what so many CVs are!

The CV Centre's team of writers has a wide range of experience in the fields of recruitment and HR management, which enables them to produce CVs of the highest standard.

Their fees to write a CV start at only £32.50 and they offer a money-back guarantee.

Of course you're welcome to do your own searching. There are many, many providers who will write a resume for you.

resume objective

Perhaps our Resumes and CVs Guide is right for you. It's only $7 and shows you:

  • How to grab interviewer's attention in seconds
  • Ways to sell yourself in under 100 words
  • What to say to beat your competition
  • How to guarantee your resume or CV is read IN FULL

Use my services and land your dream job.
Or there's always me! I've helped lots of people win job interviews by writing or re-writing their resumes and CVs. Read about My Services and see if I can write a resume for you. Sometimes the personal touch is just the difference you need.

And although not a resume provider, JobBank USA is a useful site. It specializes in providing career information including job and resume database services to job candidates, employers and recruitment firms in the U.S. and worldwide.

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