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How To Write the Perfect CV or Resume...

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Stay here and we'll cover the following resume and CV headings:

  • Work Experience
  • Key Skills
  • Interests
  • Achievements
  • References

Write The Perfect CV -- Work Experience

In this section of your resume or CV include any work experience that you have which is relevant to the job you're applying for, even if it was part time, voluntary, or seasonal.

Each job should include the following basic information:

  • Your job title
  • Your start and end dates, in months and years
  • Your main responsibilities
  • The name of the Company or organization

If you've had many other unrelated jobs, put these in an appendix. Don't dilute your resume by adding irrelevant items.

Remember that your resume or CV must be to the point. An interested interviewer can always read the appendices if they wish, but get the main relevant items in front of them first.

Key Skills

List your main skills which are relevant to the job for which you're applying in bullet form. Be brief.


Keep this short. Employers generally only skim over this bit just to get 'a feel' for your personality.

And be honest -- don't say you play 5-a-side hockey because you think it sound teamy! The interviewer might ask you about it and that could be embarrassing if you've not done it for 10 years!

You're nearly done. The last sections of your resume or CV to look at are:

  • Writing achievements in your CV
  • Including references

Follow our resume guide and pretty soon you'll have a perfect resume or CV, guaranteed to increase your chances of getting an interview.

And if this all sounds too much, don't worry. There are plenty of places to go for help if you want to write the perfect resume or CV.

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