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From the desk of Catherine Jones, Recruitment Expert 

Monday, July 6, 2015

Dear Friend,

Let's be honest.

It's hard work filling out job applications and writing and updating your resume or CV. It's even harder to shine at a nerve-wracking interview so you get the job offer.

No wonder so many people give up and just accept their situation, especially when so many people have been laid off from good jobs in recent months. It's enough to make you wonder if any good jobs still exist! Believe me, they do.

The key to getting your dream job is not to pretend to be someone you're not, or lie on your resume, or "act" your way through an interview.

The real answer is to make the most of who you already are - maximizing your experience and credentials so recruiters can see you're the best person for the job.

Once you know how to do this - to write a resume that gives recruiters just what they need, to be confident in interviews, to know how to answer those all important questions and beat your competition - you will get the job you need and deserve - I promise. 

Are You Ready to Land
the Job of Your Dreams?

My ebook, "You're Hired - The Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Job", contains all the advice, tips and strategies to help you handle everything from your job applications and resumes to the final interview.

Wouldn't it be great if you could avoid common job application errors and have the self-confidence you need to face that panel of interviewers?

  • Do you feel stuck in a job rut but hesitate to ask for what you really want?
  • Are you still struggling to find the perfect home/work balance?
  • Do you want a more satisfying job and a better paycheck?
  • Are you so concerned about the current economy you've given up finding the perfect job before even starting?
  • Are you fed up seeing colleagues with less experience and knowledge get ahead of you?
  • Do you apply for job after job without even getting a reply?
  • Do you dread interviews and fear those "gotcha" questions?

It's not your fault and you're certainly not alone.

We all hate to blow our own horn and it's difficult to sell yourself effectively on paper or in an interview situation.

Chances are you're the right candidate, you just aren't showing it the right way. You're being steam-rollered by the competition. But there is a way to get what you want. You just need some help and advice from the experts.

My ebook, "You're Hired - The Complete Guide to Landing Your Dream Job", will give you all the information you need to sell yourself, gain self-confidence and win the job that's right for you.

Introducing Catherine, the Recruitment Expert

We've all been "stuck in a rut". I can remember that frustration clearly a few years ago! But now I'm on the other side of the fence.

Let me tell you a little about myself...

I have an amazing job as a Recruitment Manager - a job I enjoy going to every day. It's great using my skills in a challenging role and enjoying a real sense of job satisfaction. And it's wonderful providing for my family in a way I couldn't have dreamed of before.

But it wasn't always like this.

There was a time when I was stuck in a job I just wasn't enjoying. I was good at my job and so confident in my ability that I knew I deserved more. But I wasn't getting the chance to prove it to senior management.

I felt discouraged, frustrated and undervalued. Being passed over for promotion happened far too often and it wasn't fun. If it's happened to you I truly empathize. I was seeing others getting promoted when I knew I was just as good, perhaps even better than them. I even began doubting myself and my abilities. It looked like I would never be promoted.

Then one day it all changed. It was as if the lights went on.

I finally figured out what was preventing me from getting noticed. I discovered simple, small changes that made a huge difference. I began to write powerful resumes, cover letters and job applications that won me plenty of interviews. Pretty soon, job offers came flooding in. Shortly afterwards I accepted one. It was amazing! Since then I've applied my techniques to successfully win two more promotions. I've helped many others get their promotions and I can help you, too.

I'm so excited about what I've discovered and how it's helped me land the job of my dreams, I just have to share these wonderful secrets with you to help YOU land your perfect job, too. 

Announcing "You're Hired" -
the Key to Your Success

This book is perfect for you if you're:

  • Tired of being passed over
  • Got a job but want more
  • Want to feel fulfilled and happy in your work
  • Looking for a job that pays the bills and allows you to live the life you want
  • Want to spend more time with your family and friends
  • Ready for a promotion but know you need help proving it to senior management
  • Looking for extra responsibility and a better salary

You know you deserve that plum job. You're the best person. You could do it with your eyes closed! You need to start getting ahead, but it's just not happening. 

What if I could give you the strategies
and techniques that will enable you
to land your perfect job?

"You're Hired" will empower you and help you:

  • Write a winning CV or resume and get it to the top of the pile
  • Put together a killer cover letter which appeals directly to your interviewer's needs
  • Make the right first and last impression with interviewers
  • Avoid the four most common application form errors
  • Prepare yourself for selection tests and complete them successfully

"You're Hired", is written by recruitment professionals, experts in their field. 

What Does This Mean For You?

Quite simply, "You're Hired" contains the nuggets of wisdom you need to get your application looked at, to get an interview and to land that job.

No fluff. No magic spells. Just simple, proven, "step-by-step" strategies so you put your best foot forward and show senior management, once and for all that you're the right one for the job. 

Why I believe I Can Help You

As a recruitment specialist, I spent a year asking other recruitment professionals what they look for in a perfect application and an ideal candidate.

The result?

I put together the tips, techniques, secrets, tricks, advice, insider knowledge and strategies in an easy to read format, to help you gain the confidence you need to go for a better job or a promotion within your own company.

"You're Hired" is a goldmine of information. It will prevent you from:-

  • Having your resume rejected like up to 94% of resumes
  • Making common job application errors that ruin your chance of getting an interview
  • Being terrified of telephone interviews
  • Wearing the wrong clothes to job interviews
  • Screwing up selection tests
  • Feeling unprepared and lacking in confidence at interviews
  • Giving the wrong impression or, worse, making no impression at all

We've all had nightmare interviews, yet it's so easy to walk in with confidence and make the right impression when you know how!

Thousands of people like you have used the powerful tips and strategies I'll share with you to land their perfect job in today's economy and live the life they desire.

Don't let your fear and lack of confidence hold you back. You can get that job - you just need the right system to give you strategies that truly work. That's what I provide in "You're Hired!"

you're hired
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Secrets of a Recruitment Expert

My comprehensive manual, "You're Hired", is the key you need to get your ideal job or promotion. It contains all the secrets recruiters use every day to shortlist applicants and ultimately choose the right person for the right job.

This powerful resource will reveal how to:-

  • Write a resume that hits the mark and gets you a job you love
  • Use CV/resume templates and when to avoid them
  • Sell yourself on paper and get that interview
  • Show the recruiter just how well you match the job
  • Increase your job opportunities by 80% using my tactics
  • Find the great, hidden jobs you're missing out on every day
  • Reduce your fear and increase your confidence
  • Dress for success - even in a casual Friday world it's still important to make the right impression
  • Wow interviewers with top marks in selection tests
  • Be prepared for interviews
  • Show yourself in the best light
  • Answer those tricky interview questions
  • Negotiate and maximize your salary
  • Ask questions at interviews to make a great impression
  • Increase your chance of getting hired even AFTER the interview

I'll even share with you 53 of the most common interview questions AND the answers!

Never before has all this information been put into one handy ebook. Imagine the possibilities that will open to you once you have confidence and know the secrets to landing the job. 

Why Should I Trust You?

Between us, my fellow authors and I have over 68 years of recruiting experience - knowledge and experience you'll benefit from. We have the insider secrets, the scoop, the proven techniques, you can put into action immediately. We've already helped people all over the world with our book, "You're Hired".

"Catherine, I got my dream job after I read your book."

Adam, Chicago, US

"Finally the help and guidance I was looking for. I had been looking for a new job for a while, but had not been able to put all my ideas together in a couple of single, yet complex phrases, but with this rich and helpful guide, I was able to compose a killer cover letter, increasing the calls and e-mails from recruiters, and finally getting me the job I had been dreaming of!"

Carlos Uribe, Dallas, Texas

"Within days of reading your book I was able to completely turnaround my situation. It seemed a small investment so I decided to try it -- what a great decision! I went from wondering if my phone was working to the joy of actually have some choices. I don't hesitate to recommend "You're Hired!""

Mike Fells, Bournemouth, UK

"This is the 'complete' Guide. The author covers all aspects of winning a job, from finding the right one, to applying, to having a great interview. I can't think of anything they're missing! Everyone can benefit from this guide and get themselves a better job".

John Connelly, Perth, Australia

"Your section on HOW to answer job interview questions was great. I didn't realize how much better I could sound than I do. I thought interviews were just about WHAT you said. You showed me they are as much about HOW you say things. I am a much better interviewee now! Thank you".

Dan Brown, Nigeria

So, how much will all this
information cost me, Catherine?

Because times are hard for jobseekers at the moment my "You're Hired - How To Land Your Dream Job" ebook is only $17. That's under-priced and worth many times more when you consider what it will do for your career. Just think, you could earn that back and so much more when you get your first paycheck!

But I can't hold this low price indefinitely. Usually the book sells for $37 and I plan to increase the price again once the economy picks up. But wait, there's more...

Look at these Great Bonuses you
get along with "You're Hired!"

Top 10 Resumes

Bonus No. 1 - Top 10 Resume and CV Examples

What does a winning resume/CV look like? What are the secrets to writing an attention-grabbing, results-guaranteed resume? I take the mystery out of resume and CV writing and share with you the secrets of resume success.

Armed with the resumes from "You're Hired" and these ten additional examples, you can be sure to find a resume or CV that's right for you. Use these as templates for your very own winning resume.

Value: $12 - Yours FREE!


Bonus No. 2 - How to Answer Strength and Weakness Interview Questions

It's so difficult to answer those questions isn't it?

You don't want to brag but you don't want to be seen as weak either. Just what do you say?

I prepare you for these common questions and help you give competition beating answers which are still true to you.

Value: $7 - Yours FREE!

Bonus No. 3 - Great Cover Letters Guide

With so many people applying for every job these days, a great cover letter is vital. Most employers read cover letters first and only go on to read your resume if your cover letter is any good.

So don't waste this great opportunity to make the right first impression.

This extra guide, which includes 4 cover letter examples, makes writing great cover letters child's play.

Value: $15 - Yours FREE!

Bonus No. 4 - The 10 Most Critical Mistakes to Avoid in Your Job Interview

It's not enough to write a winning resume if you fall flat on your face at interviews! So avoid the mistakes your competitors make and score more points at interviews.

It's so easy to perform well at interviews when you know what mistakes to avoid and this guide shows you how.

Value: $12 - Yours FREE!

So when you add everything together, your total value is $83, but you only pay $37 $17 - that's a saving of $66!

My Promise to You

I'm so confident "You're Hired" will work for you and bring you job success I'm making a cast-iron, no-brainer promise:

"If within 90 days you feel "You're Hired" is not for you, simply contact me and receive a full and courteous refund. Just tell me you used all the strategies in my book and they didn't work. I will cheerfully refund your $37 $17, no questions asked." It's that simple. You'll get results, even in today's economy, or you get your money back.

You might only need the knowledge contained in my book once - but what a difference it'll make when you get that job...

"You're Hired" is a $37 $17 RISK-FREE investment so don't wait a minute longer!

you're hired
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Why Settle For the Job You're in
When You Can Have So Much More?

You've waited long enough to get the job you want and deserve. Now is the time to take action, go for it - and get it!

You won't be disappointed with "You're Hired" so download my ebook to help you in elevating your career today. Take that important first step towards career success, better pay and job satisfaction

Blow away your competition.

Remember, "You're Hired" guarantees to:-

  • Help you prepare a winning resume
  • Enable you to write an attention-grabbing cover letter
  • Give you the inside scoop on what recruiters and interviewers are looking for
  • Calm those pre-interview nerves that can shatter your chances of performing well
  • Help you score top marks on selection tests
  • Prepare you for interview success
  • Stop you blowing your chances at all stages of the job application process
  • Give you the confidence to deliver your best ever interview performance
  • Help you deal with the job offer and negotiations

Can you think of a reason not to download "You're Hired" and pursue the future you want? 

you're hired
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I look forward to helping you.

Yours in massive success,

Catherine Jones

P.S. "You're Hired" guarantees to provide you with the results you want and deserve. Job success can truly be yours with the "You're Hired" ebook and the valuable bonuses. You can't fail to land the job of your dreams!

P.P.S. Your investment is completely risk-free with my cast-iron, no-brainer promise. I guarantee you success in 90 days or your money back - no questions, no hassle. Act now! Your dream job is only weeks away!

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