Phone Interview Tips…

Here are some great phone interview tips that will WIN you a face to face interview.

We also have some example phone interview questions as well as 11 Top Tips on answering them.

There’s also an excellent phone interview article and advice on how to prepare for your phone job interview — Everything you need to succeed!

Why Have Phone Interviews?

Two of us have used telephone interviews to reduce the pool of candidates to a manageable size for interview, especially for national recruitment campaigns like graduate schemes.

And more and more organizations are doing the same, for two reasons:

  1. It allows employers to reduce the pool of job applicants through a form of interview assessment. This is considered a more quality method than relying only on resumes and CVs or job application forms to make yes/no decisions.
  2. But even if the company has reduced the pool though the usual method of reading resumes, it costs a lot less to interview candidates by telephone than invite them all for a face to face meeting.

Face-to-face interviews will only be offered to those who ‘pass’ the phone interview.

When Will I Be Called?

You can be ‘phone-interviewed’ in two ways: 

  • By invitation, when you are given a time to call or a time to receive a call
  • Without invitation, i.e. unexpectedly!

So while you’re actively looking for a job, it’s important to be prepared for a phone interview at a moments notice. You never know when a Company or Agency might call and ask if you have a few minutes to talk.

What Are Your Phone Interview Tips?

Start by learning how to prepare for your phone interview including what to do during and after your phone job interview.

Then there’s some example phone interview questions and advice on how to answer them including 11 Top Tips for giving great phone interview answers.

Then we have a great job interview article on phone interviews which you may find interesting.

Finally, take a look at these other phone interview questions on a website similar to ours. We’re sure you’ll find them useful too.

Remember, your competitors may have read these pages, so you must too. If they’ve not, great — you’re already one step ahead!

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