Preparing For An Interview -Your Competition Will, So You Must!

Failing to prepare for your job interview is, in our experience, the most common reason why people fail at interviews.

In fact, recent research found that 95% of job interviewers believe 90% of interviewees come to job interviews ill-prepared.

You want to be in the 10% of interviewees who do prepare. Right?

We’ll show you how.

Why Is Preparing For An Interview So Important?

Because there are more things to consider when preparing for an interview than you might think.

And spending time preparing can give you a real head start!

No doubt you’ll have heard the phrase “failing to prepare is preparing to fail”. This is as true for job interviews as anything else. Prepare well and you will improve your chances of success.

Research shows that people who prepare well for job interviews:

  • Feel more relaxed
  • Understand more about the job
  • Know the sort of questions they’ll be asked
  • Have good answers prepared for those questions
  • Sell themselves better
  • Leave the interview feeling like they did their best

How Should I Prepare For My Job Interview?

1. Do some research

As essential part of preparing for a job interview is researching the Company. Job interviewers will expect you to know at least basic information about the Company and you’re on rocky ground if you don’t.

Your preparation for job interview should also include researching the job. It’s vital that you understand what the job entails day-to-day so you can answer job interview questions about the role.

2. Think about your appearance

Take time to consider your interview clothes. First impressions count for a lot and looking professional goes a long way with most interviewers.

And if you suffer (or think you suffer) from ‘interview rash’, dress for your job interview accordingly.

3. Consider your arrival

Plan your job interview arrival well. You want to arrive early, full of confidence and with a little style — here’s how.

4. Anticipate interview questions

The best candidates go over the job ad and/or job description, think about the kinds of questions they’ll be asked in the job interview, and plan their answers. Some even do a mock job interview. You should too. To help you, here’s advice on the 3 key sample job interview questions interviewers ask.

5. Prepare interview questions to ask

Interviewers expect you to ask at least one question of your own during the job interview. Failing to ask any will cost you points. Here are some example job interview questions to ask your interviewers.

Finally, there are job interview expenses to consider. Here’s our advice on claiming these back.

Follow our advice on preparing for an interview, our free interview tips and our job interview checklist and you’ll feel more relaxed and confident about your job interview than before.

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