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A Resume and CV Writing Guide 
To Get Yours in the 'Yes' Pile!

We'll show you how to write a CV or resume, guaranteed to win you an interview!

Resume and CV Writing Guide -- Introduction

Remember, your CV or resume is the first impression you make on your potential employer. He or she may only have a couple of hours to sift through several dozen resumes and CVs and may only spend minutes, sometimes less than a minute on each resume before deciding "Yes" or "No".

Much like an advertisement, your resume or CV needs to capture your reader's imagination straight away. This won't happen unless your CV or resume is short, relevant and compelling.

As you read this Resume and CV Writing Guide, you need to think like your interviewer and ask yourself, honestly and objectively: "Why would this employer choose me?"

Then you need to draft your resume or CV in such a way that the answer is obvious. Identify the key qualities the employer is looking for and and tailor your CV or resume to match them.

Key Things To Remember

  • Be as much to the point as possible
  • Carry out good research so that your resume or CV is written specifically for the vacancy and the Company who's advertising it
  • When you've finished, ask a colleague/friend for honest feedback. Ask them to read the job ad and then spend 30 seconds on your resume or CV. If it's not clear to them why you're a good match for the vacancy, review your CV. Repeat until you've got it right.

What About the Resume or CV Layout?

So far we've covered the basics of good resume and CV writing, but you need to know more than this to beat your competition and land the interview.

So here's some expert advice on CV and resume standards, including layouts.

Then there's Part 2 of how to write a CV or resume. This is packed full of hints and tips about all the other sections of your resume or CV.

When you're done with this Resume and CV Writing Guide, you'll have a top rate CV or resume and will be feeling confident about your chances of getting picked for interview.

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